SME Corner

HR Maturity

This is the start-line of our work. We help organizations understand whether their HR processes are matured enough to take care of their organization’s need. Whie benchmarking definately helps, our expreince tells us that the first step is to live up to the internal expectations. Our weighted average calculating method ensures that the right procsses add to the overall score of your organization’s HR maturity.

Our expereince tells us that unless the time is right the best of practicies can fail. The audit not only highlights what your organization’s HR needs but also what it does not need.

Process Design & Implementation

Every time a HR process is deemed to be “uncussessful”/ ”unnecessary” , a little study will reveal that it was more of a implementation issue rather than a design flaw. We take this understanding into each and every assigment that we under take. Every HR processes succes lies in the following points:

  1. Being sure that it is really needed:

    A proceess must be needed for it to succed. Good to have proceses can fail simply beause the organization isnt ready for them yet.

  2. Clear Documentaion:

    No one remembers everything, therefore clear doumentation is the most critical aspect of a processes success.

  3. Communication, Communication, Communication:

    The amount of time spent on communicating will deifne the success of the implementation. Employees must be told the reason behind creation of a policy. And they need to be told repeatedly, till they start realizing the benifits.

  4. Review and repeat the first three points:

    Polices are not written forever. At decided frequencies they need to be relooked at and upgraded.

HR Out Sourcing

A growing organization needs to focus on its core business. The senior management of any organizaion often spends more time than they realize on talent management issues. While these issues are crtical and should get the priority of the managment, our services ensure that they only spend the reqired amount of time and yet get better results. Our HR experts will help in arriving at solutions that are win-win and sustainable.

When an organization is in its initial growth stage, HR as a function often gets pushed to the back, and because of its nature the side affects sometimes gets noticed late. The later they get noticed the more difficult they are to correct.

We partner with organization to ensure that such situations are voided. We realize that every organziation has varied HR needs, and hence our enagement models are flixible to suit different needs.

Model Details
Complete Dedicated Resource on rolls of AnD placed at client location. The resource receives the support of the pool of exprets (from all fields of HR) ehancing the performance of the HR in the organization.
Partial Resource works from client office for decided number of days every week/month. The rest of the days the resource services the needs of the organization from AnD Office.
Remote After the initial setup, the support is only through mails/phone and monthly review meetings.


Review meetings and performace dashborads will be shared with senior management at regular interval allowing them to be updated about HR’s performance at all times.

Training & Development

On the job learning, is still by far the most effective way of learning. However the dynamic nature of business means organization have to give that little bit extra to its talent to speed up the leanring curve. We support oragnization to address the complete cycle from identifying the need to measuring the effctivness of the programs.

  • Learning Need Analysis
  • In-House Training
  • Open Programs

SME HR Solution Centre Solution

This unique offering allows organization to become members with us and avail our HR Solutions support. Once an organization become a member the HR or the designated representative and through mails or calls interact with our pool of experts for all their HR queries. Our team would also support and guide the representative for their basic HR requirements like creation of form

SME HR Solution Centre Solution

Starting is often the most difficult aspect of any process. To make this process easier we have our start up kit. The kit consists of:

  • A Detailed Policy manual that adheres to all statutory rules and regulations.
  • A complete collection of all forms and formats.

Payroll Software

Payroll processing is one of the activities that irrespective of the size of the organization become priority. Our software allows you to ensure that this critical activity is done with accuracy and ease. The software allows you to:

  • Maintain all employee data.
  • Calculation of leaves, salary.
  • Calculation of statutory requirements like, PF, ESIC, TDS.
  • Create id cards and salary slips
  • Create form 16s
  • Make ESIC, PF payments.

And all the above at a price that makes it a must have deal!