Core Team

Sajiri Chidgupkar

Sajiri is a HR professional with over a decade’s experience in various verticals of HR .

Her belief as a facilitator is that learning takes place only if participants relate to the content like they do about their work place.

Her programs are experiential with participative debriefings.

Her corporate profile has seen her working in various verticals of human resource management like employee engagement before moving into the learning vertical. Her initial years as a business partner HR gave her the ability to see how the HR processes work at the ground level. She brings with her an ability to gauge the practicality of an HR or OD initiative from the reality of implementation.

This experience allows her to relate with the participants ground level concerns.

While making the transition into an consultant and facilitator she has carried this ability of hers, there by significantly increasing the success of HR process implementations with her clients. Having worked with people across the organizational hierarchy, she understands nuances of communication, team dynamics and inherent culture of organization and their influence in organizational learning.

In her role as a facilitator she is able to create a connect with the participants which lasts beyond the program and ensures a greater implementation of the learning from the workshop.

 Monimoy Sengupta

His early career saw him manage the L&D vertical of a renewed IT organization. He believes that the most critical criterion for HR to succeed is to become friends with the language of numbers. This belief pushes him to “measure” the impact of HR initiatives through numbers in a manner that makes sense to the “business”.

His work experience allows the trainer him to understand what organizations expect from training programs and trainers. Similarly, he brings his knowledge of knowing what makes a training program great from good for participant in the programs he delivers.

His current role sees him work with organizations in creating a HR function that is aligned to the needs of the organization and its people. Designing and implementing leadership assessment and follow through with development intervention has been his strength. His ability to differentiate between actual problem and the symptom allows him to create solutions that have greater impact and are sustainable. Understanding of the typical hurdles in implementation of HR practice allows him to plan around them, visible shortening the process, while increasing the impact.