Atul Sapre
Atul has a multi disciplinary consulting and teaching experience, having taught advanced modules in Corporate Finance including International Finance, and also Behavioral Sciences. He is a professional member of the ISISD and Sumedhas Academy for Human Context and has directed the Internship program in OD for Sumedhas. He is an alumnus of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations and has been a staff member of the Group Relations Conferences.

He has designed and delivered over 50 Assessment and Development Centers in India and abroad for senior and middle level managers. His expertise lies in the area of Competency Mapping and Measurement using well established organizational research tools. He has used both qualitative and quantitative tools for Competency Assessment and Mapping.

He is well known for Behavioral Event Interviews, and has conducted over 3000 of them. He has trained over 700 people from Government and Private Sector organizations on the same. His expertise in BEI stretches from BEI for Selection and Competency Assessment to Organizational Diagnosis.


 Dr. Anand Sukumaran

As an Organizational Consultant he has primarily worked in the areas of Competency Mapping, Assessment centres, and Development Interventions based on Action Science principles. He has served as an Assessor in various Assessment and Development centres and has conducted Assessor training programs.

Anand Sukumaran was introduced to the Behavioural Event Interview technique in 1998 and since then has conducted more than 500 Behavioural Event Interviews. He has trained Line Managers in the BEI Technique in organisations from the sectors of Logistics, Manufacturing, HR Consulting, and ITES.